Ben Edwards – Professional Boxer

Professional Boxer/kick boxer/MMA Fighter

3x World Champion, World Record Holder



Quizine provides an extremely friendly family atmosphere as well as quality service. The nutritional content of their food caters for everybody from world-class athletes to everyday healthy conscious people, whilst also providing some delicious options for those looking to indulge.

The also have a quality selection of pre and post work out meal options including tasty protein/vegetable/fruit concoctions. Quizine provide me with everything I need to maintain peak performance and optimal health 🙂

Jeremy Wilson – Elite Physique

IFBB Junior Mr. Australia 2nd Place

Rocksolid Strongman NSW 3rd Place Heavy Weight
ACT State Title GPC Powerlifting – Australian Record
Personal Trainer (Cert. IV in fitness) – Elite Physique



Rachel is a good friend and client of mine. We regularly discussed the lack of healthy eating in Canberra and how time-consuming food prep can be for those who train. This is how Quizine’s Fit Meals were born and since Quizine opened I have literally eaten 5-6 meals everyday, both sit down and take away.

I specialize in competition preparation for bodybuilding and powerlifting and also training the average person who just wants to get fit and tone up. Lifting weights is the most beneficial exercise for changing the shape of your body but it must be accompanied with eating healthy.

Emily Cotton – Fernwood

Personal Trainer (Cert. IV in fitness) – Fernwood



Quizine is the perfect place to grab a quick coffee or juice or to sit and treat yourself to a delicious and healthy meal. I personally love Quizine’s “Fit Meals” I love that I can create a dish and tailor it to my taste and training requirements. Quizine also offers me a healthy alternative for me to catch up with friends and not have to worry about finding something nutritious on the menu!

Ariel Dencio – Elite Physique

Powerlifting National and World Record Holder

IFBB teenage and junior National and Australasian Champion
Personal Trainer (Cert. IV in fitness) – Elite Physique



Quizine provides both a great friendly environment and the exact nutritional requirement for any athlete. They also provide fruit and vegetable smoothies/juices, which are great for both pre and post workout and adding nutrients to your everyday diet.

Mitchell Langman – Dark Carnival Martial Arts

Director and Head Coach of Dark Carnival Martial Arts



Walking into Quizine you are greeted with a warm smile into a well spaced café. Great music and service in a naturally lit seating area or pull up at the bar to watch life go by as you enjoy your fare.

Fresh and natural produce makes the food taste amazing while the smoothies and coffee are excellent for that quick boost or recovery.

Erik Rand – Flames Fitness

Manager – Flames Fitness



Quizine has friendly staff and is located in a very accessible location. It also has an amazingly healthy new menu with an array of tasty choices. You are welcomed upon entering the store and the service is some of the best I have ever received. The meals are prepared for your very quickly which is surprising for how good the quality of the meal is. Personally, for the healthy lifestyle that I live, Quizine provides for me a healthy option when I am unprepared and require a good nutritious meal.

Ryan Gibson – Flames Fitness

Personal Trainer (Cert. IV in Fitness) – Flames Fitness



The staff at Quizine make my morning meal of steel cut oats more enjoyable than ever. The delicious yet healthy meals served with a beautiful smile by the friendly staff is what makes Quizine my favourite place to eat. I strongly recommend eating at Quizine. Whether it is after a hard workout in the gym or just your morning coffee, they have something for everyone right in the middle of Phillip.

Jade Nichols – Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane, Active Living Advocate



Quizine is a lovely place where you are always greeted with a happy smiling face. The smell as you walk in the door will get your mouth watering either for a coffee or the amazing food. Delicious clean food to support my active lifestyle, the pre and post work out smoothies will tempt your taste buds. Only a hop, skip and a jump from Woden Plaza where I work it is in such a convenient location I can enjoy a nice stroll to help digestion after my relaxing meal.